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Online consultation at Koshikaa brings numerous benefits to enhance your healthcare experience

PET Scan Centre in Bangalore
Our virtual platform enables you to consult with our experienced doctors regardless of your location. Whether you reside in a remote area or have limited mobility, you can access our specialized medical expertise at your convenience.
With online consultation, you can schedule appointments that fit seamlessly into your busy life, saving you precious time and energy.
Urgent medical concerns can now be addressed promptly through our online consultation service. Rather than waiting for an in-person appointment, you can receive timely medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment recommendations from our healthcare professionals.
For our existing patients, online consultation ensures continuity of care. You can follow up on your treatment plans, discuss any concerns, and receive guidance from the same trusted doctors who understand your medical history and individual needs.
We prioritize patient privacy and maintain the highest standards of confidentiality during online consultations. Rest assured that your personal health information is secure, allowing you to comfortably discuss your health concerns with our medical experts.
Our online consultation service allows us to broaden the scope of medical specialties we offer. From general health queries to specialized fields, such as oncology, cardiology, and dermatology, our team of specialists is readily available to provide expert guidance and support.

How it Works

PET Scan Centre in Bangalore
  • Appointment Scheduling

    Book your online consultation appointment through our user-friendly platform or contact our dedicated support team for assistance.

  • Virtual Meeting

    Connect with your doctor at the scheduled time using our secure video conferencing software. Experience a face-to-face interaction that closely replicates an in-person consultation.

  • Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

    Discuss your symptoms, medical history, and concerns with your doctor, who will provide an accurate diagnosis and recommend suitable treatment options. Prescriptions, if necessary, can be electronically sent to your preferred pharmacy.

  • Follow-up and Support

    Receive post-consultation support, including follow-up appointments, test result reviews, and ongoing care guidance.

Experience the future of healthcare with Koshikaa’s online consultation service. We are committed to leveraging technology to ensure accessible, convenient, and patient-centred care. Schedule your online consultation today and embark on a transformative healthcare journey from the comfort of your own space.
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